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We know that taking classes can only be beneficial for the brain, but the rest of your body is struggling. While you’re hunched over trying to read, type, or study, your bones and muscles are taking the brunt of the stress. Ace those classes and feel well doing it with this Smart Neck Massager.

If you’re ready to get those kinks out when you need it most, the Smart Neck Massager should be your go-to. Whether you’re buying this for yourself or as a gift to a soon-to-be graduate, the neck massager is anything but run-of-the-mill. With six modes, nine intensity levels, and three speeds, the Smart Neck Massager has something for everyone to take advantage of. The 3D intelligent fit technology caters to all needs by adjusting the electrode per neck curve, so it will still work on your side even if you loan it to a friend.

Beyond just the actual movement of massage, the apparatus also has advanced integrated heating for blood circulation and muscle relaxation when those long days of looking at your laptop while studying the classics seem endless. But, if it’s not your neck that’s giving you grief, this is also ideal for your back, legs, waist, or anywhere else that could use some love.

Using the Smart Neck Massager is incredibly easy for someone who is just looking for a little extra relief. Just install the battery or give it a good charge, switch the mode to your choice of zen, adjust the intensity, and you’re ready to be pampered while you get the best education possible. A little tune-up has never been so easy (or inexpensive, for that matter).

Get the Smart Neck Massager, which also includes two patches, one link cable, a USB cable, and a manual, for $19.99 (Reg. $59). Plus, during our Back to Education event, we’ll give $0.50 to a school or charity of your choice with every purchase. Act fast, this event only runs from 8/10 – 8/24.

Prices subject to change. 



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